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There are few resources behind a Quest Master's screen more valuable than the random table. They're what make us look like creative geniuses when our players open a treasure chest and find a collection of unique treasures and trinkets. They're what help us fill ancient forests and barren wastelands with exciting locals to explore at a moment's notice. And they're what allow us to entertain our players for hours when they decide to stray from our painstakingly thought-out campaign to pursue a random side quest which, for some reason, interests them more than saving the realm from imminent doom... we digress.


Random tables are useful, fun, and simple tools that can help any Quest Master unlock adventure and tell unforgettable stories. That's why we make new 1d10 tables every week! Check out our random table publishing schedule, our 3 newest releases, as well as our full collection of 1d10 tables below.


Thursday. A new 1d10 Adventure Hook table tailored to a specific monster
Friday. A new 1d10 Location table tailored to a specific monster
Saturday. A new 1d10 Loot table tailored to a specific monster

Coming Soon!


More Tables Coming Soon!

Check back later this week for more random tables themed around your favorite dimwitted treasure  - Ogres! In the meantime, check out the rest of our random tables below, or head over to our Instagram for your daily fix of free Dungeons and Dragons content!


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