Our Values

The Quest Master’s Oath

Here do I swear upon my dying saving throw to uphold the values of a Quest Master.


To be a Quest Master is to embrace the fears and uncertainty that accompany all leaders, but I will not falter in my role. I will not allow my self-doubts to discourage me from the path of adventure. Instead, I will face my fears head on and stride forward alongside my players into the unknown where legends are created and heroes forged.


As a Quest Master, I will hold my personal honor dearer than all things. Every action I take will be just in its ruling and intended to enrich my players’ gaming experience. I will not allow anger, impatience, or spite to enter my mind or dictate my decisions, and I will respect all who sit at my table.


I lend my hand to those in need, and never pass on an opportunity to teach. By aiding in a challenge and passing my knowledge forward, I ensure the success of my Quest Party. I will never turn a blind eye to a problem nor pass my problems onto others. Instead, I will take it upon myself as a Quest Master to bring in council to better prepare me for the task at hand and be better prepared for the next encounter.


I will acknowledge my imperfections as opportunities for growth and improvement. When I stumble, I will make amends to all those affected, and move forward with the intent of never making the same mistake. In doing so I demonstrate an understanding that my status as Quest Master does not place me above anyone at my table.


I will seek to understand those elements of a tabletop roleplaying game which my players value most. Once discovered, I will do everything in my power to create an engaging, rewarding, and entertaining experience for my players based upon those elements. Additionally, I will ensure that every player at my table has the opportunity to become the hero they set out to be.


This is my oath, and I arise a Quest Master.

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