Page-Turning Goodness


We get it. A massive part of what makes owning a physical adventure so great is being able to turn the pages with your own fingers! Thankfully, our interactive adventure guides offer you that same experience without taking up the limited space behind your GM screen! 

Quick-Reference Stat Blocks


Nothing brings combat to a screeching halt like having to flip through page after page of your monster guide to find the various stat blocks for whichever terrifying creatures the party is facing off against. That’s why we got rid of the need to do so. On every page of our interactive adventure guides, you can access the stat block for any monster referenced in the adventure. Now the action never has to stop for your players!

Rule Reminders

Despite our best attempts, none of us can memorize every single mechanical detail of the game. Your precious brain power should be focused on creating a memorable and engaging experience for your players, not on trying to recall the exact wording of the Poisoned condition. With our Mini Quests, you can instantly access the full rundown for every spell, magic item, piece of equipment, or rule referenced in the adventure.

Game Master Tips

Tragically, we can’t all be Matt Mercer, but we here at Quest Chests are doing our best to help you get there! We ensure that all of our interactive adventure guides are jam-packed with helpful Game Master tips to help you run combat, exploration, and roleplaying encounters like a seasoned veteran (or at least ensure your players don’t suspect you frantically read the module a half hour before they arrived).     

Fast-Travel Maps

If there’s one thing Game Masters can’t get enough of, it’s maps, but as much as we love them, they don’t always love us back. We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to repeatedly scroll or flip through our module to reference the map as our players progress through the adventure. It’s cumbersome and bogs down the session. With Quest Chests’ adventure guides, you can jump seamlessly back and forth between the main map and the instructional content for any of the marked areas.  

Random Tables

If there’s one thing us Game Masters also can’t get enough of, it’s random tables. They’re what make things interesting and keep our players on their toes! That’s why we include custom random tables for all of our adventures to provide you with spur-of-the-moment encounters and treasures to throw at your players. And did we mention you can access these tables from any page in the module?

Immersive Sound Effects

It can be very hard to create an immersive environment for your players when all you’ve got is your voice to work with. That’s why all of our adventures come equipped with sound effects, so your players can literally experience the adventure’s most crucial moments. And yes, you can access those from any page in the interactive adventure guide!

Prebuilt Playlists

As a Game Master, there’s already a tremendous amount of pressure on us to have unique voices for our NPCs, beautifully drawn maps, and flawless storylines for our players to follow (just to name a few). There’s never enough time to put together an atmospheric music playlist to better immerse our players! Each adventure includes a unique playlist filled with tone-setting songs that will captivate your players. 

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