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Mixing Up Trolls

They trudge through the putrid swamps, eating everything that crosses their paths and regenerating anything that gets cut off along the way. We're talking about trolls, of course! To keep these dimwitted brutes fresh no matter how many times you use them, the following 3 stat blocks offer new, unique, and exciting types of trolls to throw at your players!

Great White Troll

It is not uncommon for coastal-dwelling trolls to develop the ability to breathe underwater. With a diet

made up almost entirely of aquatic creatures, mutations such as gills, fins, or tentacles are quite frequent. As these trolls dive deeper and deeper into the ocean’s waters in search of prey, some find themselves hunting large aquatic beasts either for food or to claim new territory. The most savage of these trolls are those who have consumed a great white shark and mutated to take on the characteristics of this terrifying ocean predator. In this new form, the troll’s hunger and strength are dramatically increased making them a relentless monster that tears apart anything that crosses its path.

Surprise Hunters. Just like the creature they draw their physical traits from, a great white troll also learns to mimic the hunting tactics of the great white shark. From deep below the surface, a great white troll will swim straight up, emerging from the murky depths like some nightmarish monster, and smash into the exposed underbelly of its prey. So powerful are these attacks that great white trolls have been seen completely demolishing small fishing boats or crashing through the bottom of larger sailing ships. As the splintered wood topples down into the water and the vessel begins to sink, the troll’s enormous dorsal fin can be seen circling the wreckage, eager to gorge itself on the drowning sailors.

Great White Troll

Mercenary Troll

All trolls are willing to sell their services in exchange for food and treasure, but only a rare few possess the cunning and determination to turn it into a full-time job. These mercenary trolls are terrifying adversaries capable of tracking down any target and dragging them back, kicking and screaming, to whoever is coughing up the coin. Along the way, mercenary trolls entertain themselves by torturing their victims long into the night or simply beating them to the brink of death. Many mercenary trolls are particularly fond of what they call a “snagger,” an enormous crossbow capable of firing large bolas made from stone which entangle their targets while also delivering a nasty hit.

Contracted Workers. Unlike the rest of their kin, mercenary trolls rely on their reputation to keep a steady stream of jobs coming their way. This means they don’t kill their targets unless specifically asked to do so and they never betray their clients. It’s not that they don’t want to do these things as they would certainly love to indulge their violent tendencies. Rather, they’ve learned that avoiding them means happy clients and happy clients means more meat and gold upon the completion of their job. As a result, mercenary trolls waste little to no time in their work and react with incredible hostility and violence towards anyone who threatens the completion of their job.

Mercenary Troll

Vulture Troll

For those trolls who call the barren deserts and arid valleys of the world their home, food is a rare treasure to come by. Even rarer is food that is still breathing which a troll savors every precious warm mouthful. Instead, these trolls must sustain themselves on the carcasses of creatures which have died from dehydration or heatstroke. This is rather difficult to do, however, as the bones are almost always picked clean by the buzzards which soar high above the sizzling sands and earth. On rare occasions, a troll is able to sneak up and snatch one or two of these vultures, relishing the taste of warm blood and innards for the first time in months. As the birds squawk in pain and agony, the troll undergoes a rapid series of mutations which cause it to sprout large, greasy feathers from its arms, its neck to elongate, and its legs to transform into those of a vulture with long, razor-sharp talons.

Desert Terrors. There are not many creatures stalking the world’s deserts that are more savage and violent than a vulture troll. A mixture of ear-splitting squawks and bone-shaking roars are the only warning one has before the troll plummets down from the skies, sending up a cloud of dust and sand with its enormous wings. From there the troll awkwardly leaps about on its birdlike legs, snatching up adventures, pack animals, or anything else it can sink its claws into before ripping it apart with its beak in a bloody frenzy. Often times, the only evidence of a vulture troll’s attack is blood-stained sand or an overturned wagon as the troll does not leave one scrap of its meal behind.

Vulture Troll

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