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Mixing Up Blue Dragons

They're the undisputed rulers of desert wastelands who lie in wait for their next meal beneath the hot sands. They tolerate no slights on their reputation and take great pleasure in lording over their hoard of precious gems and enslaved servants. We're talking about blue dragons, of course! To keep these desert alpha predators fresh no matter how many times you use them, the following 3 stat blocks offer new, unique, and exciting types of blue dragons to throw at your players!

Storm-bound Blue Dragon

When blade and fire fail to slay a blue dragon, powerful mages are forced to trap its essence within violent storm clouds. By doing so, the dragon is unable to freely roam the realm but is instead magically tethered to the natural path of whatever storm it has been confined within. In this way, the mages greatly diminish the damage the blue dragon would otherwise be capable of, though at a great cost. A storm used for this purpose never ceases to rage, fueled by the anger and fury of the blue dragon trapped within it, and anything caught in the storm’s path must hope it can endure its prisoner’s wrath.

Embodiment of the Storm. A storm-bound dragon is no longer a creature of scale and blood. Instead, it is formed from the raw, natural fury of its stormy prison. Churning black clouds make up the dragon’s body while streaks of white-hot lightning form its claws, teeth, and horns. The dragon’s eyes are hollow sockets which howl as powerful wind rushes out from them, and its ear-splitting roar is replaced with a booming thunder which can level forests and topple stone structures.

Destructive Escape. On rare occasions, a storm-bound dragon is able to escape its prison. When this happens, the clouds are ripped apart as a deafening crack of thunder shakes the sky and the dragon plummets to the earth in an enormous bolt of lightning which obliterates most anything at the point of contact. In these instances, it is only a matter of time until the dragon is dragged back to its prison in a similar fashion, though not without leaving behind the charred remains of anything that crosses the dragon’s path.

Blue Storm-bound Dragon

Deathbolt Blue Dragon

Over the course of their lives, blue dragons master their control over lightning and harness it into a destructive breath weapon. However, this is far from the full extent to which a blue dragon can learn to apply their elemental control. One such example is the deathbolt dragon which has developed the ability to briefly transform itself into a bolt of lightning so that it can travel vast distances in an instant. With this new ability, deathbolt dragons become an even greater threat capable of closing in on prey before it has any time to prepare or escaping its enemies clutches before they can deal a finishing death blow.

Speed at a Cost. In order for a deathbolt dragon to transform into lightning and travel at blinding speeds, it must sacrifice a great deal of its natural strength and body mass. This naturally occurs as the dragon burns up a tremendous amount of energy in its lightning form, leaving arc dragons far more slender and toned than a true blue dragon. To sustain their powerful metabolism, deathbolt dragons have a nearly insatiable appetite which drives them to hunt most hours of the day.

Living Weapon. Despite its loss in strength and size, a deathbolt dragon is an incredibly deadly creature. By transforming itself into a bolt of lightning, it can electrocute creatures simply by passing through their body. Additionally, a dangerous static buildup naturally builds around the dragon’s body as it moves. When it comes into direct contact with a creature, this electricity can be released making it both a potent weapon as well as an excellent defense mechanism.

Deathbolt Blue Dragon

Splintered Blue Dragon

Life as a blue dragon is full of hardships which can take a serious toll on the creature’s body. Burrowing through stone and sand, fighting off rival dragons intruding upon their territory, defending their treasure hoards from greedy adventurers, and hunting prey in inhospitable conditions are just a few challenges a blue dragon faces. As a result, if a blue dragon is not careful, they can severely or permanently damage their horn. When this occurs, its ability to control lightning becomes sporadic and unpredictable, making it far more difficult for the dragon to defend itself or hunt down prey. Not only that, but the splintered dragon is no longer seen as a true blue dragon by its kin and is forced to live as an outcast, doomed to never acquire a mate or hatch offspring to pass their measly treasure hoards on to.

Random Surges. When a splintered dragon attempts to breath lightning, there is no telling what will occur. Sometimes the lightning hits the intended target, other times the lightning might arc through the air at a random target, the dragon might accidentally produce more than one bolt of lightning, or the lightning might get caught in the dragon’s splintered horn, causing it to surge out in all directions. Whatever the case, destruction is certain to follow when a splintered dragon attempts what was once second nature to it.

Splintered Blue Dragon

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