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Globe of Invulnerability

Are you looking for a 6th-level spell that can neutralize up to 5th level spells? A spell that scales when casting at higher levels, eventually gaining the ability to nullify 8th level spells? Let me introduce you to Globe of Invulnerability.

How Does It Work?

Globe of Invulnerability is a spell that can be learned by sorcerers and wizards, takes a single action to cast, and requires verbal, somatic, and material (glass or crystal bead which shatters upon use) components. When cast, the spell targets the caster and creates a 10 ft radius shimmering barrier that prevents all spells of 5th level or lower from penetrating the magical boundary. This spell requires concentration and lasts for up to 1 minute.

At higher levels, the spells blocked by the barrier increase linearly. For instance, casting Globe of Invulnerability at 7th level blocks spells of 6th level and lower and casting it at 9th level blocks spells of 8th level and lower.

What’s So Great About It?

The 10 ft radius of the spell protects any creature inside of the barrier, including the spellcaster themselves. Up to 12 medium sized creatures can fit inside the globe, where they are immune to all spell effects. Nullified spell effects include both single target as well as area of effect spells. With this spell, a mage can single-handedly nullify all enemy spell effects on the field, shielding their entire team from spell damage and crowd control effects.

Additionally, because the globe protects the spellcaster, the likelihood of effectively maintaining concentration on the spell increases dramatically. If melee combatants and other team members are effectively able to shield the caster from non-magical damage, the spell can easily be maintained for the full 1-minute duration.

There is another key detail that makes this spell so powerful:

“Any spell of 5th level or lower cast from outside the barrier can’t affect creatures or objects within it, even if the spell is cast using a higher level spell slot.”

This rule means that any spell of a level lower than the spell level that Globe of Invulnerability is cast at, regardless of whether it is upcast or not, is negated by Globe of Invulnerability. To be clear, a 6th level Globe of Invulnerability would neutralize a 9th level Fireball, allowing low-leveled spellcasters to nullify many spells of more powerful spellcasters.

What Can Neutralize the Spell?

There are two main magical defenses which can neutralize Globe of Invulnerability: Counterspell and Dispel Magic.

When casting Globe of Invulnerability within the range of an enemy’s Counterspell (60 ft), there is the possibility that Globe of Invulnerability will be Counterspelled. Of course, you could Counterspell the enemy’s Counterspell, but if another enemy caster is present, they could Counterspell your Counterspell, and so on. Because Globe of Invulnerability has a range of self, you could leave the scope of an enemy’s Counterspell, cast Globe of Invulnerability, and then re-enter the battlefield, to prevent the war of Counterspells.

However, Dispel Magic can be used to target the spell effect of Globe of Invulnerability. Because Globe of Invulnerability is a high-level spell, the caster would need to cast Dispel Magic at a higher level or roll an arcana check to end the Globe of Invulnerability effect successfully.

Other Uses

Globe of Invulnerability has many other tactical uses, as well.

Because the Globe of Invulnerability creates a 10 ft barrier around the caster, it moves with the caster when they move. As such, this creates a movable barrier which the caster can walk across a battlefield to protect multiple targets. Globe of Invulnerability can be used to safeguard downed civilians or to cover and protect civilians as they flee from an active battlefield. This spell can also be used to protect key party members who are spread out; the caster can physically move to protect those most in danger, with the ability to change targets each round.

The globe protects everything inside of it, including objects, so the globe could also be used to protect critical objectives or other static substances from attack. Mage Hand, Telekinesis, or other magical effects would be unable to seize powerful magic items from within the globe. The spell could also be used to protect valuable, flammable goods from spells such as Fireball.

Globe of Invulnerability is a versatile spell which can be useful in a vast number of situations. As a 6th level spell, it is something that a master spellcaster can learn and use on a wide number of enemies, from low-level casters to powerful liches and archmages. Keeping this spell prepared for these types of situations can quickly turn the tide of battle in favor of your party.

How has this spell saved your life or put your own party at risk? Tell us about it below!


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