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Mini Quests Volume 0

Mini Quest Volume 1 is a collection of our three, free 5th edition adventures compiled into one resource for Game Masters.  Inside you will find three thrilling adventures that can be easily inserted into your campaign. While these adventures are meant for parties that are of level one, three, or five, feel free to alter the monsters or add ally NPCs in order to compensate for your adventuring party being of a higher or lower level than what is recommended. Below we have included short descriptions of each adventure: 


Mini Quest #1: Silent Sacrifices

Silent Sacrifices is a 5e adventure for 1st level characters. In this adventure, the PCs will wake up in cages after being captured in their sleep by terrifying grimlocks. After escaping their primitive prisons, the adventurers must attempt to navigate the dark, twisting caves, but with no idea where they are and unseen threats who can hear their every move, the adventurers will have to work quickly and quietly if they hope to survive. Along the way, they will encounter countless dead-ends, chambers filled with sleeping grimlocks, and other helpless prisoners in need of aid. As the party struggles with the moral dilemma of risking their own lives to saves the lives of others, they will discover the truth behind their capture and the horrifying fate which awaits them if they fail to escape… 


Mini Quest #2: Clucks of Despair

Clucks of Despair is a 5e adventure for 3rd level characters. In this adventure, the party will attempt to put an end to the horribly barbaric chicken fights being hosted by Cluq the goblin boss and his horde of goblins. However, this is no easy task. Cluq’s fights draw large crowds of criminals and thugs who would not be thrilled to have their favorite past time taken away. Not only this, but the goblins’ cave complex is riddled with traps designed to alert the goblins to anyone poking their noses where they shouldn’t be. The PCs best hope is to maintain a low profile, learn as much from fellow attendees about the goblins as possible, and recruit allies before making their move. Will they be successful in saving the livelihoods of the nearby farmers, or will they meet a bloody, or will they meet the same bloody demise as Cluq’s chickens?


Mini Quest #3: The Rose's Spawn

The Rose’s Spawn is a 5e adventure for 5th level characters. In this adventure, the party will investigate the disappearance of Jo Wanderfoot and his allies whose last known whereabouts was Rosaceae Manor. Having been hidden from the rest of the world for the past three hundred years, nothing is known of Rosaceae Manor nor its new owner, Master Rolus. After locating the manor, the PCs will need to explore every nook and cranny if they hope to find Jo, but it will not be easy. Magical defenses wait to attack any who would do the manor or its master harm, and shadows creep about within its walls, eager to drain the living of their vitality. Yet all of these threats pale in comparison to Master Rolus himself who will be eager to meet his uninvited “guests” over dinner...



  • Use “Player Safe” map images to quickly show your players the exact layout of the surrounding terrain without revealing any secret doors or hidden treasures.

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  • Roll on an Encounter Table present inside each Mini Quest to add events tailored specifically to that adventure.