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“You know, I’ve always wanted to have a family,” the ancient butler said as he lined the large butcher’s knife up just above Kensle’s kneecap.


Kensle looked into the old man’s kind eyes and begged, “Please. Please, just kill me this time.”


“It’s not that I didn’t try,” he continued. “Believe me, I did!” He slowly raised the knife above his head.


“No! Please, NO!” Kensle shouted. She thrashed about, but ever since her arms had been taken, there was no chance of fighting the butler’s unnaturally powerful grip.


“I was just never any good with the ladies,” he chuckled. With one swing of his unnaturally strong arm, the blade chopped clean through the bone and sank several inches into the table beneath.


Kensle writhed in pain and tried to scream, but no noise would come out.


“Do you have a family?” the butler asked as he dropped the severed leg into the large bubbling cauldron in the corner. “I’m sure the master would love it if they joined us for dinner this evening.”


Pétale Rosaceae was adopted into a life of wealth few could imagine and raised by fathers who never ceased to love their only child. When a tragic string of events saw Pétale infected with vampirism and both her fathers killed, she was left the sole heir to both the Rosaceae fortune and manor house. Yet neither comforted her aching, undead heart. The young vampire locked herself away within her manor, vowing never to step foot in the world which had mercilessly taken her fathers from her. To quench her thirst for human blood, Pétale turned the manor’s staff into vampire spawns and ordered them to lure the homeless and penniless from the nearby city to Rosaceae Manor with promises of food and shelter. Once they arrived, Pétale stayed true to her word and treated her guests to a bountiful feast before gorging herself upon their flesh. Any that she was too full to devour immediately were locked away in the cellar and saved for future meals. For three centuries Pétale remained an unseen scourge upon the city, and Rosaceae Manor became a secret lost to the rest of the world.


It wasn’t until Jo Wanderfoot, a halfling adventurer living in the city, happened upon one of Pétale’s vampire spawn that her secret was revealed. Seeing an opportunity to finally win the approval of his father, the halfling and his adventuring party sought out Rosaceae Manor, slew nearly all of Pétale’s minions, and dealt the killing blow to the vampire herself. However, weakened and drained from their battle, they were no match for Rolus, Pétale’s most powerful vampire spawn, who returned from the city to find the adventurers standing over his fallen mistress. Rolus, no longer in thrall to Pétale, quickly overpowered the adventurers and locked them away in the cellar.


Several days ago, Sophi Wanderfoot approached the PCs and begged for their help in finding her husband who has been missing for over three weeks. Sophi explained that one evening after Jo had gotten into a heated argument with his father, she had returned home to find a letter from her husband. The note stated that Jo had discovered something big. Something that would win him the approval he so desperately needed from his father, and required that he go to a place called Rosaceae Manor to see it done. Now, after many days of investigating false leads and rumors regarding the mysterious manor, the adventurers find themselves at its front doors not knowing what they will find inside...



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