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Cluq let a toothy grin creep across his face as the crowd’s roars and cheers echoed throughout the tunnels. Little Beak was tearing into her opponent with a viciousness the likes of which had not been seen since Cluq first started hosting his weekly chicken fights, and the crowd was feeling especially generous with their wagers because of it. “Perfect,” he thought to himself. “Place your bets and enjoy your winnings while they last. It makes no difference to me. Little Beak won’t make it through the night. A fractured rib and punctured lung before her final fight will ensure that.” The crowd let out a collective cheer and immediately began placing higher bets for the next fight as Little Beak pulled her talons from her deceased opponent.


The simple folk of the nearby farming communities have a serious problem. It started several months back when a small handful of chickens went missing every few nights. “Nothing to panic about. Probably just the work of a hungry fox,” they thought. However, when it was discovered that goblins sneaking in under the cover of night were to blame for the thefts, the town's annoyance quickly turned into genuine concern. As the weeks passed, all efforts to deter the goblins proved futile, the number of reported chicken thefts increased, and the people grew more and more perplexed.


What the townspeople didn’t know was that a clever and greedy goblin boss named Cluq was responsible for all of their troubles. Months back, Cluq started having his goblins steal chickens to use in cruel, bloody fights as a source of free entertainment. As the fights grew in popularity, outsiders began showing up on Cluq’s doorstep hoping to witness the fights and place bets on their outcomes.


Cluq seized this profitable opportunity and began hosting weekly fights, the winners of which were of course fixed, and charged a small attendance fee to outsiders eager for bloodshed. In only a few short months, Cluq became somewhat of a local criminal celebrity, and word of his fights eventually reached the horrified ears of the very farmers he was stealing from.


With no hope of rescuing their chickens or stopping the fights themselves, the farmers have turned to your adventurers for aid. Unfortunately for the party, this means infiltrating an unfamiliar cave complex full of hidden traps, malicious criminals, and foul goblins. Thankfully the adventurers have one advantage: so long as they maintain the disguise of criminals simply attending the fights, the goblins won’t expect a thing until it’s too late.



  • Quickly show your players exactly where they are without revealing secret doors, hidden treasures, or dangerous traps with “Player Safe” map images.

  • View the adventure’s full-sized map at any time on any page with quick reference pop-up images.

  • Create unique and memorable NPCs for every social encounter with adventure-specific NPC generation tables.

  • Keep the action going with Random Encounter tables designed specifically for this adventure.

  • Perfectly take on the role of this adventure’s three primary and entirely unique NPCs with thoroughly developed character profiles.

  • Set the perfect tone with this adventure’s music playlist filled with energetic, suspenseful, and “goblinish” tracks

  • Enjoy the look on your players’ faces as you use various chicken sound effects to immerse them in the goblin caves.