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Yellin jabbed a crooked stick into the fading embers of the campfire and glared at the small tent where Barbran slept. He hated being a carriage driver. He hated how the long journeys took him away from his precious wife and daughters, but he especially hated the old dwarf who’d hired him. Because of her, he wouldn’t see them for at least two weeks. He turned his mind to more pleasant thoughts and recalled the conversation he’d had with his wife that morning.


“You be safe now, you hear me?” she’d said. “I always worry about you on these longer trips.”

Yellin chuckled softly. “You always worry,” he said as he kissed her forehead. “I’ll see you in two weeks.”

Yellin smiled as he thought back on that moment. It was the last thing he remembered before the grimlock crept out of the shadows and smashed its club down on his head.


A blind evil scrambles just beneath the surface. Grimlocks, a twisted, cannibalistic race of humanoids, have come up from their underground lair to collect sacrifices for their mind-controlling masters who dwell miles below in the deepest crevices of the earth. Under cover of darkness, these degenerates clamber out of their cave to steal unsuspecting travelers and nearby townsfolk. After being beaten unconscious with fists and clubs, the victims are dragged back to the grimlocks’ lair where they are trapped in simple but very effective cages their masters helped them construct. For days the prisoners are left without food until the grimlocks are ordered by their masters to conduct a gruesome, ritualistic offering. When the call is made, the grimlocks pull their captives from their pits and devour every bit of flesh and organ save for the heads. Once nothing but a skeleton remains, the head is pried off and hurled down a massive pit which leads directly to the lair of the Grimlocks’ tyrants who gorge themselves upon the freshly offered brains.


Last night, these very grimlocks crept into the adventurers' camp and attacked without warning, bludgeoning them into unconsciousness as they slept. The adventurers were then dragged back to the grimlocks’ caves, stripped of their gear, and tossed into cages. Now, trapped with no recollection of what happened, they must navigate the dark caverns riddled with dead-ends, bottomless pits, and helpless prisoners if they hope to survive. However, they will quickly learn that each breath, whisper, and footstep attracts the wretched creatures lurking around every corner.



  • Perfectly take on the role of this adventure’s three primary and entirely unique NPCs with thoroughly developed character profiles.

  • Quickly show your players exactly where they are without revealing secret chambers, hidden treasures, or upcoming encounters with “Player Safe” map images.

  • View the adventure’s full-sized map at any time, on any page, with quick reference pop-up images.

  • Surprise your PCs with strange and quirky trinkets spread throughout the caves with a Random Trinkets table made just for this adventure.

  • Keep your players on the edge of their seat with random encounters designed specifically for this adventure.

  • Create a sense of terror, horror, and suspense for your players with this adventure’s pre-built playlist.