Whether boldly striding into Ashpine Woods or timidly creeping through Gloomcrest Grove, seeking adventure in the forest is one of the first things many D&D players ever do. It’s also something they’ll continue to do for the rest of their adventuring careers. To help you make this experience unforgettable for your players every single time, we’re creating “The Dragon's Garden and 49 Other Forest Encounters." Cannibalistic halflings, animal-trapping werewolves, giant frog-controlling harpies, and polymorphed goat princesses are just a few of the incredible challenges awaiting your players within these pages, so get ready to unlock adventure and tell some unforgettable stories! “The Dragon's Garden and 49 Other Forest Encounters" is coming to Kickstarter July 9th!

“The Dragon’s Garden and 49 Other Forest Encounters” is a 100+ page softcover book containing 50 exceptionally detailed forest-themed encounters with 10 encounters for each character level 1-5. Each encounter is two-pages in length and exploding with helpful guidance and unique personality you won’t find in any other encounter book. If you just rolled your eyes at such a claim, I invite you to check out this sample encounter and then send a heartfelt apology email to support@questchests.com. In addition to the encounters, this book also offers 10 new deadly monsters (three of which can be previewed below) as well as a full collection of forest-themed map building assets (which can also be previewed below) to create stunning visual encounters for your real and virtual tabletops.

New Monsters Preview

The Spidix - With its eight legs tucked in tightly and layers of fibrous, wood-like armored plates, the tiny, spider-like spidix is nearly indistinguishable from an ordinary pine cone, allowing it to drop down on its prey or ambush it from the forest floor without warning.

The Fungal Boar - The mindless servants of Mother Mushroom, fungal boars lumber through forests all across the Material Plane, trampling any living thing they come across into a gory paste and expanding their master's kingdom by spreading her bizarre funguses wherever they go.

The Chapardeur - Resembling stocky, gray-furred humanoid raccoons, the Chapardeur are fearless survivors with a reputation for being master thieves, burglars, and cutpurses who rarely back down from a threat and never let go of what they want.

Map Assets Preview

Both of these sample maps were made entirely with our forest-themed map making assets in under 20 minutes. Imagine what amazing settings you'll create for you players in just a few minutes!

Quest Chests encounters aren't your typical rolled-off-a-random-table type of encounters. Ours are stuffed with as much backstory, guidance, and useful tools as possible because we want you to have everything you need to unlock adventure and tell unforgettable stories.


Dramatic Question. To get you in the proper mindset before introducing it to your players, every encounter comes with its own dramatic question. This is the question that summarizes the obstacle which the players must overcome in order to move forward such as, “Will the heroes cross the swamp without being killed by the troll?” or, “Can the players convince the bandits to let them go safely?”

Adventure Hook. Every encounter comes with its own adventure hook to help you get the players to go where you need them to go (it ain’t railroading if the players’ buy into it right?). These hooks are designed so that any Quest Master can easily fit any encounter into their preexisting campaign setting.  

Backstory. The best characters are the ones with the richest backstories, and it’s no different with encounters. That’s why all of our encounters come with a detailed backstory which introduces their dynamic NPCs and unique settings to give you context for why the encounter is occurring.

Encounter. You’re more than welcome to read an encounter’s backstory, wing it with no planning whatsoever, and hope for the best. However, if you want a little more guidance on how to get the most out of them as possible, this section provides more detailed instructions on each encounter’s main elements such as its monsters, traps, and story developments.

Treasure. We didn’t just roll on the rulebook’s basic treasure tables for these encounters. Instead, we took the time to design clever trinkets, beautiful treasures, and exciting magic items that are tailored for each individual encounter.

Scaling Guide. While all 50 encounters are balanced in their design, not every adventuring party is the same. There are plenty of groups out there who steamroll through any monster thrown at them or simply enjoy the challenge of a difficult encounter. This section provides you with guidance on how to up the difficulty of each encounter so that you can entertain any group of players.

What’s Next? What happens when the encounter is over? Is there more for your players to discover or loose ends for them to tie up? What new enemies have the characters created or threats have they unleashed? This section provides 3 possible ways for you to continue each encounter and turn it into a full adventure.

Quest Master Tips. Whether you’re a brand new Quest Master or a veteran storyteller, you’re always looking for ways to improve your storytelling skills. This section offers up ideas and guidance on how to take the encounter to the next level by making your combats more exciting, exploration more rewarding, and roleplaying more dynamic.

NPC Profiles. The characters presented in these 50 encounters aren’t your run-of-the-mill NPCs. Whether you’re portraying a delusional wererat mourning the death of their wife or a dryad who’s been blackmailed into collecting honey for a hag, every NPC in this book is rich with personality and backstory. To help you give the performance of a lifetime, all major NPCs are given a profile which states their personality traits as well as their ideal, bond, and flaw.

Stat Blocks. To keep the amount of page flipping you have to do to a minimum, each encounter includes the most critical stat blocks for easy reference.

Still not sure if you want to back this project? Well, consider that “Into the Woods” is perfect for any Quest Master who:

  • Doesn’t have time to prepare their own encounters, or

  • Has time to prepare their own encounters but always waits until the last minute and then panics when they don’t have anything ready, or

  • Likes seeing their players experience the full spectrum of emotions as you guide them through unforgettable stories, or

  • Wants to have an outstanding encounter in their back pocket in case things get a bit off the rails, or

  • Is looking for some exciting new monsters to throw at their players.


Still not sure you’re ready to enter the woods? Click here to download and run "I Smell a Rat, or Rats, or Maybe Both?" and you'll see why backing "The Dragon's Garden and 49 Other Forest Encounters" this July is worth every gold coin.


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