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If you’re like most Quest Masters, then you know how frustrating it can be to not have enough time to prepare a proper encounter. Between our friends, families, jobs, and all the other hectic parts of life, it’s challenging enough to find time to prepare even the most basic elements of our campaigns, let alone the little things like what happens to the players between point A and point B. This can be especially true for moving through forests, and that’s a damn shame.  


If you only think of the forest as a space on the map that the adventurers must pass through to reach their destination, then it’s going to feel that way to the players. You need to continually remind yourself that the forest, just like everything else in your world, is a storytelling tool. The monsters that dwell in its shadows, the NPCs who walk its trails, and the ruins overgrown by its lush, impenetrable canopy are all opportunities for you to further the narrative you are creating for your players. Don’t waste those chances.


To help you take full advantage of all the opportunities your forest presents, we created this free volume of 5 forest-themed encounters. Each encounter is packed into a single page and contains everything (and we mean everything) you need to run it. But we went far beyond the basic “who, what, where, when, and why.” Whether you’re a new or experienced Quest Master, our encounters, as you’ll read about below, are specifically designed to give you new tools and more guidance that will help you unlock adventure and tell unforgettable stories.


We hope you enjoy running each of them as much as we enjoyed creating them, and we wish you and your players nothing but critical success in all your future adventures!



  • Instantly access the full rundown for every spell, magic item, piece of equipment, monster stat block, or rule referenced in the adventure with our clickable pop-ups.

  • Take advantage of our helpful Game Master tips to help you run combat, exploration, and roleplaying encounters like a seasoned veteran.

  • Perfectly take on the role of any named NPC with prewritten character profiles.

  • Use embedded sound effects to bring these encounters to life for your players

  • Roll up random forest-themed items for your players to discover with a unique random trinket table

  • Completely immerse your players into your world with a prebuilt forest-themed playlist available within this collection of encounters