Quest Chests is a third-party publisher and content producer for the 5th edition (5E) of the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game. 


While other publishers only focus on selling their products, we believe that our patrons deserve more than just another module. That’s why we’ve multi-classed in a variety of roles in order to offer the most value to those that also love the game, whether they purchase from us or not.  Our three roles are:


Memorable storytelling is the core of everything that we are. Our adventures are created in a way to best help Game Masters (we call them Quest Masters) and their players feel like they’ve truly entered a world of monsters and magic. We’ve achieved this by offering features such as interactive adventure guides, thorough NPC profiles, and pre-crafted music playlists.

Just as sages spend years acquiring knowledge and lore within the world, our writers have dungeon-crawled through the dragon-filled game itself. With their first-hand experience and helpful wisdom-modifiers, we put out articles every month to address topics and questions for both Quest Masters and Players.


By hammering out the raw components that 
make up storytelling, role-playing, and character-building, we are able to hand our patrons the tools and weapons they need. This is achieved through our various worksheets, walking Quest Masters and Players through these concepts so that they can bring their very best to the table.


Edward Borenstein

Landon Guss

Edward Borenstein

Dominik Mayer

Matt Guss


If you'll indulge us...


The sounds of silverware clinking against plates and students loathing their classwork create a constant drone throughout the university dining hall. The line for chicken alfredo is moving slowly like usual, and the grill area is advertising their new “Hawaiian island sandwich,” which, based off a quick glance of the hall, shows very few takers. However, while scanning the room, you notice two students sitting in a corner booth cluttered with papers, laptops, and half-empty glasses of Diet Mountain Dew. Though you can’t hear what they’re talking about from this distance, they seem rather excited about something.


That is how we got started and it’s as close to your typical “you meet in a tavern” adventure hook as you can get in Utah, where taverns are… uncommon. The two students sitting at the corner booth were my good friend, Edward Borenstein, and me, Landon Guss. It was our senior year attending Utah State University’s business school and I had just finished pitching my new business idea to Ed.


The idea was simple- I enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I was too busy to prepare my own adventures. The modules available at the local game store were exciting, but sitting around 200 pages each; they were intimidating and overwhelming to run. I aspired to start a business that published 5e adventures in monthly installments that maintained a consistent narrative, but were also easy to digest and didn’t throw an archmage’s personal library worth of pages at you all at once.


When we sat down for lunch, I had no intention of recruiting a Chief Marketing Officer. I simply wanted to get Ed’s input, but Edward believed so strongly in the idea that he offered to join the team right then and there. Together we created Quest Chests and began working on it in our spare time, going so far as to compete in a Human Resource Case Study competition and win $500 to put towards our initial capital funds. Those were desperate times.



You smell the eggs and bacon before even arriving at the reception hall where the rest of the business school’s honors program students are gathering to celebrate their upcoming graduation. Halfway through your meal, the dean stands and asks each student to share what they will be doing after graduation. The answers are inspiring. It seems that everyone is heading off for some incredible opportunity in San Francisco, New York City, or Washington D.C. This continues for some time until you see two familiar faces stand up. One of them says with a big smile on his face, “We’ll be moving into my parent’s basement so that we can continue working on our startup business.” Some uncomfortable laughter followed by a handful of nervous claps fill the room, before the next student is up and talking about their job opportunity in South Korea. As the two young men sit back down, they appear entirely unphased by what has occurred.


This breakfast took place a few months after our mess hall meeting. By that point, nearly everyone in our program was aware of what kind of business we were aiming to start. Now quite frankly, we get it. Living in your parents’ basement spending countless hours starting a tabletop role-playing business is, in the eyes of most people, literally one step up from living in your parents’ basement spending countless hours playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s crazy and nerdy, but we love the game and we know that there are millions of people out there all over the world who love it as well.


For those of us who’ve had the wonderful experience of playing Dungeons and Dragons, we know it’s a lot more than a simple game. It’s a community that encourages people to express themselves however they’d like without being judged or criticized. It’s a support group that helps many people deal with mental health issues or get through challenging times in their lives. It’s a social experience that allows one to have genuine connections with others in a world of screens and anonymous profiles. But yes, it’s also a game that plays well when paired with snacks, goofy voices, and close friends.


Because of that, Ed and I aren’t bothered when people question or doubt what we’re trying to create. We see how Dungeons and Dragons is becoming socially recognized as more than a “board game played by weird people in basements.” People everywhere are seeing what this game has to offer and want to be a part of it. That’s why Quest Chests works to help everyone do one simple thing: unlock adventure.

Left to right: Edward, Landon, Spencer, Neal

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